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Our values

MILLENIS is an independent company created in 2000 fully committed to the service of its supply partners and clients.

Our values are the essence of the company’s identity - central to the daily lives of our teams:

Ethics: positivity, honesty, kindness, loyalty, trust, making a difference, sharing, and above all, professionalism in business ethics.

Expertise: respect for the rules of the game (procedure, punctuality, preparations, follow-up, etc.), a team of experts, rigour, dedication, involvement, analysis, questioning, understanding, anticipation, etc.

Adaptability: pioneering spirit, open-mindedness, ability to listen and to find solutions, etc.

Creativity: imagination, ability to think outside the box, put forward ideas, take the initiative, etc.

Ambition: looking ahead, imagining and considering, aiming high, believing that anything is possible, finding solutions together, etc.