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Animal Nutrition

Dairy products

Dairy products for compound foodstuffs and suckling for all species.


- Birdfeed, petfood
- Fishing industry

Magnesium oxide

Magnesium oxide is a source of magnesium for some species, which is given to them in different ways:

  • - A mineral mixture containing magnesia and other additives (vitamins, salts, trace elements, etc.)
  • - Bucket licks: Magnesia input varies according to the formulation.
  • - Stone licks: These stones are spread over the pasture for the ruminants to lick

Amino acids

The amino acid content in the feed varies according to the animal species and the feed formula.
Commercialised amino acids are mainly used in animal feed destined for monogastric species (pigs, poultry).

Trace elements

For a long time regarded as marginal factors in animal biology and nutrition, trace elements are metal compounds with an extraordinary capacity to attach themselves to proteins thus modifying their biological form and their function.

Molasses and derivatives

Molasses are usually used in the feeding of ruminants mixed with straw or with other cellulosic foodstuffs. It is also an excellent binding for compound feed production.