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Industrial application

Magnesium oxyde

- The production of other magnesium salts such as magnesium sulphate and magnesium nitrate in the chemical industry

- Its properties as catalyst, pigment extender, acid neutralizer are researched in:
. the plastic manufacturing industry
. the rubber and coating manufacturing industry
. the food processing industry.

- It is a base ingredient in some product formulations for the steel industry

- It is also used in the pulp manufacturing industry to replace the caustic soda or the calcium in the bleaching stages or in the treatment of waste water.


Self-levelling cement, adhesives, paints, papers, inks, skins, etc.

Molasses and derivatives

Technological binders.

Others minerals

Example: Bauxite is the essential raw material in the manufacture of aluminium alloys.

Chemical expertise : the calcium formate

- The building industry (consideration of the setting and hardening times by speeding up the formation of the aluminous and tricalcium silicate)
- The adhesives and coatings industry
- Animal nutrition (used as a readily available calcium supply but also as a counter-micro-organism agent).

Construction industry

Liant technologie

Technological binders

Industrie sidérurgique

Steel industry